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What is it?

This is a self-assessment of your Contract Management skills. You will be guided through eight dimensions of Contract Management as you assess yourself on 72 questions. Allow for 40 – 60 minutes to complete this self-assessment.

The eight dimensions are:

  • Planning and Governance
  • Measuring Performance
  • Building relationships
  • Reviewing Performance
  • Sponsor Improvement
  • Administer Contract
  • Managing Risk
  • Commercial Risk

What is it used for?

The South Australian Government is committed to maximising the value derived from the procurement process. The aim of this assessment process is to provide a snapshot of the current level of procurement and contract management capability across the SA Government.

A group report will be prepared that summarises procurement capability and capacity across the public sector along with some analysis and options for improvement.

Your individual feedback report

This report is tailored especially for you and in it you will find suggestions and recommendations that will help you develop skills and knowledge in the areas identified for you.

Your report will be delivered one week after the conclusion of the assessment period. To receive your report you need to complete all assessments assigned to you.

REVIEW the 70:20:10 recommendations in your report, consider your development priorities and consider how you can apply the suggestions in your workplace.



As you work through the assessment you may find themes that are not directly relevant to your current role.

This is likely to happen for many people as this diagnostic considers a broad range of Contract Management capabilities.

It has purposefully been designed not to be role specific, instead it seeks to understand the South Australian Government procurement capability as a whole.


With this questionnaire there are no incorrect answers.